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The challenge of providing good quality healthcare in the modern environment is no easy task to undertake, whether it’s the unstable or unpredictable environment of pre hospital or community care or the controlled setting of the hospital environment, the pressure remains the same.


Secure Patient Transport

Receiving care can be stressful at the best of times, but for those suffering from a mental health illness we must uphold the highest quality in compassionate service at all times.

At iON Ambulance we are dedicated to delivering high standards of care to patients with a wide range of mental health illnesses. To achieve this, we provide a year-round, rapid-responsive, specialist team that are experienced at handling vulnerable patients and working with Mental Health Practitioners.

Our team have expertise in a safe and effective transfer of patients with paediatric & adolescent mental health illnesses, autism & Asperger’s syndrome, dementia or detained under the Mental Health Act or Mental Capacity Act.We meet all challenging behaviour safely and our staff are trained in breakaway techniques & control and restraint.

In partnership with Mental Health Practitioners, we take the time to get to know each patient’s needs to ensure secure and compassionate care during transfer across the UK. We are experienced in all kinds of patient transfer from typical outpatient appointments; or between low, medium and high secure psychiatric settings.

Bariatric Provision Done Right

Thorough planning and timely communication are very important to the successful management of bariatric admissions. Getting the patient on-site successfully may be the start of the treatment process – But before that there is a long list of considerations that need to be thought through to ensure the best quality of care for the patient. Our unique bariatric service gives you a specially constructed vehicle and equipment backed by a leading manufacturer that can handle any weight and help you to transport any bariatric patient in any circumstance throughout the whole country.


Neo-Natal Transport

Our specialist unit at iON Ambulance works hand in hand with Neo-natal departments to ensure safe transportation of new-born and premature infants. These services depend on the adaptability of our specialist team to move patients quickly and with constant medical attention. As such our highly professional team undergo regular blue light training alongside their ever-expanding knowledge of the advances in Paediatrics and Neo-natal care.

Our large fleet of modern vehicles are fitted with all the latest technology to ensure the safe movement of new-born and premature infants. Our nationwide coverage means we can provide the right care, in the right place at all times.

Paediatric & Adult HDU transfers

iON Ambulance Care offers a complete service.

Our advance planning processes allows us to fully assess a patient’s needs, arrange the specific equipment needed to complete a safe and comfortable transfer whilst ensuring the timing of any appointment or discharge are met. We will remain with the patient during any clinic appointment to ensure the level of care expected is maintained at all times.


Medical Repatriation

Whether it is by land, sea or air; we offer a full medical repatriation service for patients looking to return to the UK. Our long history of experience providing repatriation services to private individuals, the NHS, travel agents and insurance companies allows us to take care of all logistical requirements to transfer patients with airside transfers available anywhere in the country. As such we can meet the needs of a wide variety of patients in both directions, return to the UK or returning to their home country.

Our tailored approach is supported by a 24-hour response, providing you with a seamless, door-to-door service. Our fully trained medical staff taking care of patients through recovery as they travel, with Paramedics on hand at all times. Modern, state of the art vehicles offer a comfortable and stable transfer between countries whether the patients is returning home or continuing care.


Frontline support

iON Ambulance Care is managed by a team with over 30 years of experience in managing NHS contracts, we have a proven track record of success with a 98% compliance in meeting our clients KPI criteria. All contracts managed by our team aim to achieve a 100% client satisfaction, to meet this aim we listen to our clients’ needs and tailor our service accordingly, we are proactive with our planning and always provide fully trained staff with bespoke vehicles.

We have extensive experience of the tendering process, as such we are confident, we will always be able to respond accurately and honestly in our submission. Our experience allows us to process the tender information and perceive the needs of the contracting authority, we can then demonstrate that we can meet their needs through our record of successful delivery of those services, a record that separates us from competitors.