iON’s Carbon Reduction Plan

iON’s Carbon Reduction Plan

iON is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and carbon emissions and has already started the process to achieve this goal. iON accepts it is a polluter as it provides transport services and currently, although all vehicles are ULEZ compliant, still contributes to emissions as it uses diesel engines in its vehicles. This policy should be read in conjunction with iON’s “Green Plan” to get a total overview of the company’s strategy to reach NetZero.

More frequent and severe floods and heatwaves, and worsening air pollution are among the impacts the UK is already experiencing in our changing climate, with estimated total excess mortality of 2,803 in England during the record-breaking temperatures of summer 2022.

iON provides services to the NHS in England and therefore could experience these effects not only at its location, but its staff would experience the real impact of the changes in the climate, setting it as a priority for the company.

The company has reviewed the NHS Zero travel and Transport Roadmap shown below and set its own targets aiming to achieve full fleet decarbonization by 2030, 10 years prior to the NHS net zero target.

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