Receive a rapid reliable response…

From Frontline services to specialist care, whenever your service requires support, we’re here to
provide you with the resourcing and flexibility you need when you need it.

Our extensive fleet of high spec, quality ambulances and our highly trained and experienced paramedic, technician and NEPTS crews can support you to meet your service delivery needs. You can engage our services secure in the knowledge that we are CQC registered, that all of our vehicles are equipped with the highest standard of medical equipment and communication technology, that our crews are accredited with nationally recognised training and that we place care, respect and dignity at the centre of what we do.

Our fleet includes frontline emergency vehicles, patient transport, specially adapted vehicles and extensive support equipment which means we can support you with all aspects of your service delivery.


We can provide both High dependency and Frontline vehicles with qualified and experienced clinicians to support you no matter what your service needs may be. We tailor our service delivery to meet your needs and have the technology in place to work within your existing framework to ensure we can begin our service to you immediately, we can provide  this extensive support to both  NHS ambulance trusts and NHS hospital trusts across England.



We can provide a range of options for the safe transport of patients in mental health crisis. Our vehicles range from standard NEPTS ambulance, unmarked transport ambulance to the full secure ambulance with cell. We provide a bespoke service for each patient based on their needs and our specialist staff are trained to the highest industry standard to provide that care. Our specialist control staff can support mental health practitioners in arranging the correct level of resource to meet the needs of their patient.


Our unique bariatric service provides you with a specially constructed vehicle, equipment created and serviced by a leading manufacturer and crewed by our highly trained staff. With this high-quality service in place, we can transport your patient in any circumstance, at a time to suit you throughout the whole country. We can provide bariatric support in the patient transport and emergency care sectors with bespoke vehicles for each service available as well as a support vehicle to handle all extractions and repatriations.



We can provide the complete package for all your Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPTS) needs, we can provide resources to meet all criteria within your NEPTS service delivery model. Our resources offer support to ambulatory/walking patients, wheelchair dependent, non-ambulatory and those who require specialist equipment. We have the highest standard of equipment, ranging from carry chairs to wheelchairs, and stretchers all serviced and maintained to the highest standards, we really can meet the needs of any patient. Our NEPTS vehicles are designed to meet the needs of any NEPTS patient and maintained to the highest industry standards with both standard and bariatric vehicles available. We have provided NEPTS services to several NHS ambulance trusts, NHS Hospitals and Integrated care boards for many years with a reputation for delivering a robust and reliable service.


In the unfortunate event a patient is taken ill abroad and requires repatriation to the UK, you need the assurance of professional ambulance service to handle all the arrangements. At iON ambulance care we provide a tailored service specific to the needs of each patient, from low level injuries requiring basic support to the critically ill patient requiring high level emergency care. Our bespoke vehicles and equipment along with our highly qualified and experienced staff will ensure the best level of care 24 hours a day 365 days per year.




ION Ambulance is a independent ambulance operator with a national presence. We provide a professional and reliable service 24 hours a day  365 days a year.

We prioritise the needs of the patients and their care, respect and dignity remain the core of our values at all times; this we take pride in.

Through training, clinical excellence and innovative technology we aim to be the best in our field and believe we are. By constantly improving and monitoring our own standards we deliver care second to none.

Forward thinking, embracing the challenges of healthcare in the modern environment allow us to provide a Reliable Responsive and Regulated service to you.

ION Ambulance Performance and Specifications


To provide first class health care to the patients, on time every time. To prioritise the needs of the patient and their families, ensuring that dignity and respect remain at the core of our values when treating the individual. Through clinical excellence and innovative technology we aim to be the best in providing health care to our patients and customers. Forward thinking, embracing the challenges of healthcare in the modern environment and constantly striving to bring the hospital treatment to the patients at home.


As a provider of NEPTS we are are acutely aware of the impact we have on the environment and have made a long-term commitment to keeping environmental awareness high on the management agenda and to continue to work to develop further initiatives to reduce our effect on the environment. We have in place an ambitious environmental programme, in conjunction with the Carbon Trust, to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions and wherever possible by working with suppliers who have also embraced the concepts of environmental change management.